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Venturi Vent

Venturi Vent

“VENTURI VENTS” Designed on the basic Venturi Principle & Stack effect, A properly engineered Louvered system is perfect and guaranteed weather proof remedial Cut out opening on the Roof Top.
Detailed Description

“VENTURI VENTS” can be installed on every Building- Industrial OR Commercial.The Correct & precision size is based upon the following Basic inputs of the proposed Building & to maintain positive pressure to VENTURI VENTS.

  • Volume of the Building i.e. Length x Breadth X Height.
  • Total Heat Load of Plant, Machinery Motor KW, Process Heat.
  • No of occupants working inside the building.
  • Dry Bulb Temperature.
  • Wet Bulb Temperature 

Importantly, the exhaust performance of the VENTURI VENTS Louvered system is guaranteed!

 Venturi Vents are precisely sized as to maintain Hot Air Mass layer normally above 2.5 to 3.0 Meter of working floor mentioned as working Zone.

 It is very important to maintain exhaust Hot Air Mass Layer in the upper part of the building, by making exhaust cut out opening to restrict inlet of the exhaust system.

Because due to this restriction in the exhaust inlet leads to temperature difference between Ambient & Exhaust & always maintaining positive pressure beneath the roof top & Venturi Vent for assured positive exhaust


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