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Roof Top Ridge Vent RIDGE VENTS can be installed on every Building- Industrial OR Commercial to exhaust Hot Fumes naturally.
Two stage Air washer The core of HMX-Ambiator technology is DAMA (dry air moist air) a new generation patented sensible heat exchanger
Mist Eliminator PVC Mist Eliminator are widely used eliminate mist carry over with air in side duct, to reduce pressure drop as well as to protect power.
Dehumidifier Dehumidifier is generally appliance which reduces the level of humidity in the air, usually for comfort reasons, or to eliminate musty odor. dehumidifiers are used in buildings to control the humidity level.
Humidifier Humidity is a constant threat to production efficiency and product quality. The damage which can be caused by excessive relative humidity are principally:-
Fume Extraction System Devi Enterprises Fume Extraction system is used to extract general, toxic and hazardous Fumes from the plant or work place in order to keep away the working zone from smoke or fumes.
Roof Extractor Devi roof extractor is a motor driven fan unit and is provide with durable weather proof exhaust hood. This is ideal for extraction or air supply through the roof, usually preferable in Factories, D.G. rooms, Steel plant and Foundries.
Venturi Vent “VENTURI VENTS” Designed on the basic Venturi Principle & Stack effect, A properly engineered Louvered system is perfect and guaranteed weather proof remedial Cut out opening on the Roof Top.
Insulation Materials Devi Enterprises offers Insulation Materials for different applications and industries. Insulation Materials are very popular because of its high-energy conservation and sound insulation.
Evaporative Cooling Pad Evaporative cooling pad is used in systems where high efficiency cooling is required. It is particularly suitable for comfort cooling of Industrial OR Commercial buildings and greenhouses when higher air velocity is required.
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